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Railway Reservation Enquiry (FAQs)

How can I book a train ticket via Paytm?
Booking a train ticket on our site is easy.
  1. Login to Paytm app or go to www.paytm.com & select "Trains" from the drop down list
  2. Select the name of the cities you are traveling from and to & pick desired Departure Date.Click on Search
  3. Select the desired Train from the list and make selection as per Seat availability and requirement. Select quota as per the requirement & proceed to the booking
  4. Enter IRCTC ID and click on proceed or Create Account for IRCTC.
  5. Choose boarding point, add passenger details and choose preferences(if required).
  6. Click on "Proceed to Book".
  7. Review the itinerary and click Proceed to Pay
  8. Once payment is done, you are redirected to IRCTC webpage. Enter your password for the username given in step 4 and submit. Your e-ticket will be generated.
Tips for a fast booking experience with Paytm
  1. Keep a valid IRCTC ID with password ready with you.
  2. Keep sufficient balance in your paytm wallet for an one-click check-out (book tickets in under 1 min)
  3. Keep the required details handy with you if booking for your friends, relatives (Traveller name, Departure and Arrival date, Destination and boarding point name etc)
What are the different modes of payments you accept?
We accept payment through the following modes:
  • Credit Card (Visa, Master Card)
  • Debit Card
  • EMI Options
  • Net Banking
  • ATM Card
  • Paytm Wallet amount
How will I know which station to choose for my booking?
For ease of use of our customers we have enabled an automatic look-up facility. To search for trains starting from a particular city just enter the first three letters of that city or its station code and a complete list of all stations in that city will be displayed. You can then choose a particular station or all stations and begin your search. To search for trains, you can even search by entering just the three- or four-letter station code. For example, for New Delhi you can search by entering NDLS.

I don't understand the various classes of Indian Railways, how can I select which one to book?
There are essentially eight types of seating available in Indian Railways. These are:
  • AC First Class (1A): This is the most expensive ticket. Passengers are seated in two- or four-berthed private compartments, which are air-conditioned and spacious.
  • AC 2 Tier (2A): Passengers are seated in air-conditioned carriages that are split into two- or four-berthed compartments that are separated by curtains.
  • AC 3 Tier (3A): Air-conditioned seating in three-tiered compartments.
  • First Class (FC): Passengers are seated in two- or four-berthed private, non-air conditioned compartments, which are spacious and suited for overnight journeys.
  • AC Chair Car (CC): Air-conditioned seating with reclining seats. It is available in most inter-city expresses trains such as Shatabdi.
  • Executive Chair (EC): An air-conditioned coach with large spacious seats and legroom. It has a total of four seats in a row used for day travel between cities. This class of travel is only available on Shatabdi Express trains.
  • Sleeper (SL): Similar to AC 3 Tier, but without air conditioning.
  • Second Seating (2S): Similar as CC, Non-air conditioned seating accommodation on bench-styled seats.
When you search for trains, you must select a class. However, from our search results page you can just click on the tab for a different seating type and see the list of trains for that.

Is the information on seat availability and pricing reliable?
The seating and pricing details available on our site are fetched directly from the Indian Railways Reservation System. To make your search faster, we have cached the data on trains, routes and fares on our site. This information is updated many times in an hour.

How can I see a list of stations on a particular route?
On Paytm app, where the search results for trains are displayed, click the train name to see a complete list of stations along with the arrival and departure times. This feature is currently not available on web/msite and will be added soon.

What do the different booking status types mean?
It is possible to get any of the following three types of booking status:
  • Confirmed E ticket: This means your seat is confirmed and a relevant number is communicated to you.
  • Partially Waitlisted/Confirmed/RAC: This is (RAC) Reservation Against Cancellation/ Partially waitlisted/ confirmed, which means you have a booking but a seat will be allotted to you only after the final chart is prepared.
  • Waitlist: This means the confirmation of your booking is subject to availability, in case other passengers cancel their bookings.
  • GNWL: General Waiting List (GNWL) means ticket is issued by the booking offices when the passenger begins his/her journey at the originating station of a route or stations close to the originating station. This means that you have a waiting list of 3 and your ticket will get confirmed only if 3 passengers who have booked before you for the same journey happen to cancel their journey.This is most common type of waiting list and has got the highest chances of confirmation.
  • RLWL:Remote Location Waiting List (RLWL) means ticket is issued for intermediate stations (between the originating and terminating stations). This type of tickets completely depends on the cancellations of a destination confirmed ticket. This type of ticket gets confirmed only if the passenger of the same route cancels the ticket.
  • PQWL:A Pooled Quota Waiting List (PQWL) which is quotas of nearby stations pooled together to form this list, that is smaller stations having small quotas, one/two/three each are pooled together to form this waitlist and normally operate from the originating station of a route, and there is only one Pooled Quota for the entire run. This type of quota is allotted by railways to those passengers who are commencing the journey from any originating station and deboard at any station before the terminating the station and the tickets booked from the intermediate station for a shorter distance is allocated in PQWL.
  • RLGN:Remote Location General Waiting List (RLGN) is issued when a user books a ticket where WL quota is RLWL. This means after ticket booking RLWL gets named as RLGN.
  • RSWL: Roadside Station Waiting List (RSWL) is maintained for Roadside quota (RS) that means it is allotted when berths or seats are booked by the originating station for journey up to the intermediate station where there may not considered any distance and has very less chances for the tickets to be get confirmed.
  • RQWL: If a ticket is to be booked from an intermediate station to another intermediate station, and if it is not covered by the general quota or by the remote location quotas or pooled quota, request for the ticket may go into a Request Waiting List (RQWL).
  • CKWL or Tatkal waiting list:This means that your ticket has been waitlisted and you have time to cancel it till the preparation of chart. During chart preparation General waiting list is preferred over Tatkal waiting list (CKWL). Tatkal waiting list tickets doesn't go through RAC status unlike GNWL, it directly gets confirmed from Waiting list status (WL) therefore the chances are very less for the confirmation.
  • LDWL: (Ladies quota waiting list) This is the waiting list ticket against Ladies seat reservation.

Can I board a train if my ticket status is RAC even after the chart has been prepared?
Yes, you can board a train if your ticket status is RAC. A seat will be allotted to you if it remains vacant because a passenger didn't show up or cancelled at the last minute.

I have heard that railways allow for last minute booking. Is that possible on Paytm?
Just like Indian Railways, we also offer tatkal booking. That is, customers can book tickets one day (24 hours) before the train's departure from that train's tatkal quota. Further, customers will have to pay an extra amount as tatkal charges. But, unlike the IRCTC website and railway reservation counters, tatkal booking is available from 11:30 AM onwards and for AC booking it starts from 10:30 AM. Please note, senior citizen discount is not applicable on tatkal bookings. You can view more information on the Railway's Tatkal Rules by referring to the mentioned link: http://contents.irctc.co.in/en/REFUND%20RULES%20wef%2012-Nov-15.pdf

While booking, why am I asked to reconfirm the departure and destination stations?
Paytm allows you to search for trains between two cities. However, it is possible a city may have more than one station. In such cases it is important for us to reconfirm your departure and destination stations in order to complete the booking.

While cancelling on Paytm App/Web can I see the cancellation charges?
Yes, you can see the Tentative cancellation charges on Paytm app/web. On clicking Cancel button on order summary you can view the cancellation charge and tentative refund amount.
The amount display on the pop up would be the tentative amount as the Final refund amount would be determined by IRCTC and may vary.

Online Rail Reservation at Paytm

How will the tickets be delivered to me?
Currently, we offer you the facility of e-tickets, which will be available in the "My Order" section on Paytm App. You can login at any time and print your copy, even if you lose one and need another.

Alternatively on the trains home screen you can see locate your trip under "My Trips" and click on "Download/Cancel Ticket" link which would take you to the booking summary page from where you can cancel ticket.

How many days before a travel date can I book a ticket?
Online booking is possible up to 120 days before your planned date of travel. However, on the day booking opens (120 days before scheduled travel), you will not be able to book tickets between 8 to 8:30 AM on Paytm. For some special trains this period may be a little less.

How long before the departure of a train can I make an online booking?
Online booking is possible till the final chart for the train is prepared, this is normally 4 hours before the train's scheduled departure. However, sometimes railways do prepare the chart a night before the train's departure, especially in the case of early morning trains.

Why can't I book or cancel tickets between 11:45pm to 12:20am?
The railway reservation system opens between 12:20 am every morning, and the facility is available till 11:45 PM every night. The system is shut down between 11:45 PM to 12:20am every day, which is why online booking or cancellation is not possible.

What is the maximum group size for which I can book tickets?
Online booking is possible for a maximum of six passengers under a single booking. For Tatkal booking you can book for a maximum of four passengers. This number includes any children or senior citizens who are traveling together. Additionally, two children below 5 years are allowed but not ticketed. You need to specify the details for these travellers as well (though they wouldn't be included in ticket details).

I am traveling with a group of 8 other people. How can I make a group booking?
Currently, online reservation is possible for a maximum of 6 passengers at a time. However, if you are traveling with a larger group (of say 7 or more), you can divide the group and make multiple bookings.

What are the different ticket types that I can book online?
Paytm offers you the facility to book confirmed as well as RAC and waitlisted tickets online. You can also book tickets under the tatkal quota.

The site is showing that seats are available of the train I want to book, but my booking failed. Why?
Sometimes bookings fail because:
  • The waitlist quota has been filed and no more seats are available.
  • There is a problem with the railway reservation system.
In either case, you can just re-try for the same train or book on another one.

I was not able to make a successful booking. Can Paytm Customer Service help?
If you are not able to search for trains or see availability, this is more likely a problem with IRCTC systems and it is advised to try again after sometime. However, our Call center team is available 24*7 to help you out if you are facing any of the following issues
  1. Not able to book the tickets for the particular train.
  2. Unable to find the particular train.
  3. Failed to get the confirmation message.
  4. Booking failed payment is processed.
  5. Any query related to the booking.
  6. Any query related to the payments and refunds.
I faced issues while entering password on IRCTC page after payment. Now how do I know if my ticket is booked or not?
Sometimes there might be issues on IRCTC page because of which booking may not be complete. In such cases, if the booking is not complete at IRCTC, you will receive a notification within 15 mins informing you about the booking failure and refund. In this case, full amount would be refunded.

I was able to make a confirmed booking, but I have not been allotted a berth or coach. Why is that?
As you have a confirmed ticket, you don't need to worry if your ticket doesn't have a seat number. Sometimes, especially in the case of AC First or Executive Class booking, railways do not assign a seat till the final chart is prepared. At that time, you will find out your seat and coach number through the chart.

Do I need a proof of identity while making a booking?
You do not need to enter any ID proof details while making a booking. However, you must carry a photo identity proof with you when you travel.

What kind of photo identity proof will I have to carry?
While traveling on an e-ticket, you can show any of the following as a photo identify proof:
  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Voter's ID card
  • Photo ID card issued by central or state government to their employees
  • Student ID card
  • Nationalized Bank Passbook
  • Credit Cards issued by Banks
Please note, that for all passengers traveling together on a single e-ticket booking, the lead passenger must carry a photo identity proof.

Can I book tickets for my friends or family?
Yes, just like flights, you can book tickets for friends and family. Just remember, that while traveling the passenger must carry a valid photo identity proof.

Railways offer auto-upgradation. Is that available on Paytm?
While railways offer the facility of auto-upgrade, this is currently unavailable on Paytm.

I have a waitlisted ticket. Can I check my ticket status on Paytm?
You will be able to check the status of your waitlisted tickets by logging in to your My Order account. Just click on the booking details of a ticket and the current status will be displayed.

Can I book tickets under a special quota through Paytm?
Online booking for special quota, such as for foreign tourists' quota is not applicable. You can apply for ladies quota but cannot inquire availability.

Seat Selection

Why am I not allowed to select seats of my choice?

Currently IRCTC doesn't allow selection of seats. Additionally berth and coach numbers are allotted by Indian Railways.

I specified "Lower Berth" as Berth Preference during booking, but was not given a lower berth. Why?

The berth preference specified during entering traveller details is only a preference and does not guarantee that berth.

How do I mandatorily choose a berth or a coach?

If you mandatorily have certain requirements, please choose from any of the options available under "Preferences". In such cases, your ticket will be booked only if you berth and coach requirements are met else the booking may fail.

Train Fares & Discounts

There is a difference in the fares shown on the search results and booking pages. Why is that?
All railway fares are based on the distance between stations. On the search results page we show the fare between the two most popular stations of two cities. When you have clicked the book button and selected your boarding and destination stations, the fare is adjusted accordingly.

Can I avail senior citizen discount on online tickets booked through Paytm?
The Indian Railways offers a 50% discount on Base Fare to women over 58 years of age and a 40% discount on Base Fare to men over 60 years of age. To avail this discount, just select the Senior Men or Women option in the booking engine and remember to carry your age proof along with the e-ticket.

I selected the Senior Men option, but I am unable to see the discount on the booking page. Why is that?
Our train search results automatically updates fare in case of senior citizen discounts. If you can't see that, it is possible that you have chosen a Tatkal or Garib Rath train. Senior Citizen discount is not applicable on this quota or train.

Other than the senior citizen's discount, if there any other discount available on online bookings?
Sorry, currently we only support senior citizen's discount on our site.

What are the various components of the fare displayed on Paytm?
The fare of online tickets booked on Paytm includes:
  • Base Fare
  • Railway Reservation Charges (If applicable)
  • Superfast Charges (if applicable)
  • Other charges, as specified by Indian Railways (If applicable)
  • IRCTC Service Charges (If applicable)
  • Tatkal Charges: As specified by Indian Railways.
  • Payment Gateway Charges(Lowest in market)
  • Transaction Charges (Lowest in market)

Cancellation of Online Train Bookings

How can I cancel a train booking online?
For train starting up to 12 noon the chart preparation is usually done on the previous nightOnline cancellation of train bookings is possible through the Your Order section. Just follow these steps:
  • Log on to Paytm account.
  • Go to Profile/Your Orders and locate the booking.
  • Select the passenger name whose ticket is to be cancelled and click "Cancel" button. Please note that by clicking on cancel booking, will directly cancel the ticket.
  • Click the Confirm button to complete the process
Your ticket will be cancelled within minutes and the status will be updated in Your Orders section. The amount, after the relevant fee deductions will be processed and credited to your account within the next few days.

Can I cancel my train ticket after train departure?
  1. Confirmed E-ticket cannot be cancelled after chart preparation. You can only file TDR request online by using "File TDR" option available on Paytm or contacting Paytm customer care or sending an email to etickets@irctc.co.in with trip and traveller details.
  2. Waitlisted E-tickets (WL) gets cancelled automatically by IRCTC if all passengers on the ticket remain waitlisted even after preparation of chart and refund proceeds accordingly by the IRCTC.
Please note this is applicable for both General and Tatkal quota.

How can I cancel my ticket after the chart has been prepared?
Tickets cannot be cancelled online after the chart for the train has been prepared. In such cases, you can only file TDR request online by using "File TDR" option available on Paytm or contacting Paytm customer care or sending an email to etickets@irctc.co.in with trip and traveller details. Please note the TDR has to be filed within certain time limits and filing TDR does not guarantee refund as TDR cases are handled by Indian Railways.

Can I cancel an e-ticket offline, at a railway reservation counter?
Cancellation of e-tickets is only possible online. You can login to My Orders section and cancel the booking in a few simple clicks, without having to stand in long queues at the railway counter.

I had booked tickets for two people, now I want to cancel only one. Is partial cancellation possible?
Yes, the online cancellation facility is available for both full and partial cancellation. You can cancel only one part of a booking, such as the reservation for one passenger in the group. Just make the relevant selection during the cancellation process.

Will I get Refund after cancellation of the confirmed Tatkal e-ticket?
As per IRCTC rules, NO refund is granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. For contingent cancellation and waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules.

How can I get my refund and check refund status?
The refunds are usually processed on real time basis. You can check the Refund status online. You can check at paytm.com, by simple steps give below:
  • Visit https://paytm.com or Paytm app
  • Go to Profile -> Your Orders
  • Locate the bookings
  • The screen will show you the updated status of your refunds under "Money Refunded" section.
  • The refunds are processed back into the same account that was used for making the rail booking.
How can I check PNR status?
PNR is assigned for every ticket. At Paytm.com, you check the PNR status online (desktop and apps). To check your PNR status online, follow these steps: Go to
https://paytm.com/train-tickets or Paytm app
Click on Check PNR and Provide your PNR
You will see the updated PNR status.
You can also check PNR status by sending SMS 'PNR <<PNR Number>>' to 139, charges applicable.

My ticket is in waitlist and I have not travelled, should I cancel?

If your ticket is in waitlisted state at the time of boarding, then your ticket will be auto- cancelled and refunded within 36 hours. However in some cases where there is a delay in getting refund information from IRCTC or Indian Railways, there may be slight delay in getting the refund.

How can I file TDR for the ticket booked via Paytm?
There are two ways by which you can file TDR in case your Train or for any other query:-
  1. You can file TDR through Paytm App/web once the chart is prepared where you will get the option showing the "File TDR" button under order summary. On clicking this, you would have to review the traveller information and choose the reason for filing TDR post which an email would be sent automatically using our registered email ID to IRCTC email ID marking you on CC.Please note this is applicable only for single traveller, for multiple traveller you need to approach Paytm customer care or you can contact us on the number given below.
  2. You can contact Paytm to file TDR request where Customer care representative will file TDR on your behalf and same will be updated to you once the TDR is filed.
  3. You can also file TDR request by mailing on "etickets@irctc.co.in". You are requested to file the request with complete ticket details (PNR No., Train No. and Name).

If I miss my train, what is the latest by which I can cancel my ticket?
If you missed your train, then the cancellation of ticket is possible. In this case, you can cancel a confirmed ticket as per the following rules:
  • Till 3 hours after the train's departure if the ticket was for a distance of 200 kilometers
  • Till 6 hours after the train's departure if the ticket was for a distance of more than 200 and less than 500 kilometers
  • Till 12 hours after the train's departure if the ticket is for a distance of more than 500 kilometers.
  • You will have to send an email to etickets@irctc.co.in with the relevant details: PNR Number, trip ID, transaction ID and passenger details.

How much refund will I get If I cancel the ticket?
  • For waitlisted (WL) & RAC tickets per passenger-
    1. Second class (unreserved) : Rs. 30.
    2. Second class (reserved) and other classes: Rs. 60 (+ IRCTC Service Tax for all AC Classes)
  • For confirmed tickets- Cancellation charges per passenger
    1. 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the train minimum cancellation charge
      1st AC/executive class: Rs. 240 + IRCTC Service Tax
      2 AC/1st Class : Rs. 200 + IRCTC Service Tax
      3AC/ACC/3A economy : Rs. 180 + IRCTC Service Tax
      Second sleeper class : Rs. 120
      Second class : Rs. 60
    2. Between 48 hours and 12 hours before the scheduled departure of the train @ 25% subject to minimum charge as per 1 above.
    3. Between 12 hours and 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train @ 50% subject to minimum charge as per 1 above.
    4. No refund after the above prescribed time limit.
Partially confirmed: Upto half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train.
Refund on unused RAC/WL tickets: Upto half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train subject to deduction of clerkage charge. No refund after the above prescribed time limit.
In case of cancellation of trains or e tickets: W. e.f. 01.07.2015, automatic refund is granted. Filing of TDR is not required. No change for counter PRS ticket.

What are the cancellation charges?

The cancellation policy is determined by Indian Railways and is subject to change at any point in time. Furthermore, the cancellation charges vary according to the status of the ticket (Confirmed, RAC or waitlist) and the time of cancellation. Please refer to the below link to know the charges levied by Indian Railways.


What are the concession criteria?
Indian Railways Rules And Regulations beholds/decides Concession Rules for Senior citizen's train journey please refer:http://contents.irctc.co.in/en/UserGuideforPHConcessions.html

Why am I charged for waitlist cancellations?

Paytm does not charge any amount for cancellations however Indian Railways deducts upto Rs 65 (depending on whether the booking is AC or non-AC) as clerkage charges in case of wait list cancellations. This would be irrespective of whether user cancels by himself or the ticket is auto cancelled and refunded by IRCTC.

What are the Tatkal booking guidelines

The Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of Tatkal scheme is reduced from two days to one day excluding the day of journey from the train originating station.
  • Maximum of four passengers per PNR can be booked on Tatkal e-tickets.
  • The Ticket Reservation page appears; check whether the train name and station names, Date of journey, Class, Quota, Boarding Point etc. displayed on the top of the page are same as desired by you.
  • Enter the name of passengers, age, sex and berth preference for each passenger. The maximum length of names should be restricted to 15 characters.
  • Senior citizen concession is not allowed in Tatkal Quota.
  • Tatkal Non AC, bookings open at IRCTC at 11 am, and Paytm open bookings from 11:30 am.
  • Tatkal AC, bookings open at IRCTC at 10 am, and Paytm open bookings from 10:30 am.
For more details, you can also refer to http://contents.irctc.co.in/en/TatkalBooking.html

Can I avail senior citizen discount on my tatkal booking?
Senior citizen discount is not applicable on tatkal bookings.

Which ID can I use as my photo ID proof while traveling in train?
While travelling on an e-ticket, you can show any of the following as a photo ID proof:
Aadhar Card
Driving license
PAN card
Voter's ID card
Photo ID card issued government to their employees
Student ID card

Can I amend a booking in case I misspell the name on the ticket?
The amendments in passenger name is possible only if any of the blood relative wants to travel in place of booked passenger that can be made by approaching the nearest railway reservation counter with your e-ticket printout and valid photo ID proof and blood relation proof of the passengers who willing to travel in place of booked passenger. Such amendments can be made up to 24 hours before the train's scheduled departure. However, making such a change is entirely up to the concerned railway authority.

Can I amend a booking in case I have made a booking in which the age of the passenger is incorrect?
Changing or amending a passenger's age after an e-ticket has been booked is not possible. However, if the difference in age is not much the ticket checker in the train may still allow you to travel. But if you decide to risk it, remember to carry a proof of identity with you.

Is there any amendment possible on an e-ticket?
E-tickets cannot be changed or amended online. Indian Railways allows passengers to change only the boarding station and passenger name, and such changes are allowed only once. These changes can be done at a major railway reservation center, where you can request the concerned authority to make the change. Remember to carry a copy of your e-ticket and photo identity proof with you.

Why does tatkal booking starts at 10:30 AM (AC tickets) and 11:30 AM (non-AC tickets) on Paytm whereas it starts at 10 AM and 11 AM respectively on IRCTC?
As per IRCTC rules, all B2C agents such as Paytm, Cleartrip, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo are allowed to accept tatkal booking 30 mins after it opens on IRCTC i.e. at 10:30 AM for AC tickets and 11:30 AM for non-AC tickets. This has been done to reduce the load on IRCTC servers. You may refer to article in the below link.
Tatkal opening timings for agents

Cancellation Charges and Flexi Fare details:

What is meant by Flexi fare charges (Dynamic pricing) in IRCTC?
The flexi fare system is applicable in Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi. The base fares will increase by 10 per cent with every 10 per cent of berths sold subject to a prescribed ceiling limit. There will be no change in the existing fare for 1AC and EC class of travel. Other supplementary charges like reservation, superfast, catering and service tax will be levied separately.

The key highlights are:
The base fares will increase by 10% with every 10% of berths sold subject to a prescribed ceiling limit.
There will be no change in the existing fare for 1AC and EC class of travel.
No Premium Tatkal Quota in these trains.
Tatkal will be available at 150 percent of base fare. However, no additional charges as "Tatkal charges" will be levied.
For more details please visit www.irctc.co.in

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How can I contact Paytm for any queries related to Trains?
Contact us at 0120-4880880 or www.paytm.com/care

For any suggestions/complaints related to catering services, contact Toll Free No. 1800-111-321(07.00 am to 22.00 pm).
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