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Kolkata to Coimbatore Flights

Booking a flight from Kolkata to Coimbatore is hassle-free and simple , as there are multiple airlines flying between the two cities. You can book your Kolkata to Coimbatore flight tickets online , on Paytm , to enjoy various perks and benefits including cashback and instant discount. Based on your preferred date and time of journey , you can choose a flight that is best suited to your needs , and also avail different offers provided by the airlines. Compare Kolkata to Coimbatore flights prices to get cheapest flight tickets online at lowest airfares with attractive cashback. Keep visiting Paytm to know about exciting offers , deals & discounts on Kolkata Coimbatore flight routes.

Flights Details between Kolkata and Coimbatore Airport

The Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Airport Kolkata , IATA Code CCU , is the main airport that serves the city of Kolkata. About 61 flights operate in a week , between Kolkata & Coimbatore. The first Kolkata to Coimbatore flight , departs at 00:35 , and the last flight is at 09:05. It takes 3h 55m to reach Coimbatore from Kolkata. The main airport that serves Coimbatore is Coimbatore International Airport , IATA Code CJB.

Kolkata Coimbatore Flight Booking

The beautiful Eastern Ghats on one side and another beautiful river on one side make Coimbatore an interesting place. Also , the cool breeze that comes from the forests around keeps the weather pleasant during some months of the year. Apart from all these things , any tourist will get a chance to enjoy authentic South Indian food which is very tasty in this city.

But Coimbatore is not quite near to Kolkata and that is the reason why catching a flight to go there would be the most convenient option. Now , are there direct flights from Kolkata to Coimbatore? Yes , there are! But any tourist would wonder whether flight tickets are affordable? Well , Paytm can help the travellers to find the cheap air tickets.

Though flight tickets can be expensive all the time , Paytm can help in offering options on cheap flight tickets from Kolkata to Coimbatore subject to availability. So , travel plans to Coimbatore need not be sacrificed anymore!

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About Coimbatore

Kovai is another name of the city Coimbatore. It is a major city in Tamil Nadu. This place is surrounded by Western Ghats and the river Noyyal. As there are so many textile industries and cotton mills here , it is called as "Manchester of South India". In fact , Coimbatore is an industrial city too. It manufactures pump sets and engineering goods.

Wildlife reserves , historical landmarks , parks and art centers make this place very interesting to visit. This city also has a modern side to it. There are amusement parks , shopping malls and a lot more places to visit.

Places to visit in Coimbatore:

The Marudhamalai hill temple: This temple is situated high up on the uplands of the Western Ghats. From Coimbatore , it is nearly 15 kilometres away. There are buses to reach the temple. Lord Muruga is the deity in this temple. This is a famous spot which tourists visit.

Vydehi water falls: This water falls is 35 kilometres away from the city. Those who go to Coimbatore shouldn’t miss these magnificent water falls. The scenic beauty of this spot has made it popular among tourists. A taxi can be hired to reach this place from the city.

There are so many other exciting spots in the city of Kovai. Here are they:

  • Kovai Kondattam
  • Vellingiri Hill Temple
  • Perur Siva Temple
  • Kovai Kutralam
  • Sree Ayyappan Temple
  • Siruvani falls and dam
  • Monkey falls
  • Anubhavi Subramaniar temple
  • Annamalai Tiger Reserve
  • Dhyanalinga

Foods of Coimbatore:

Authentic South Indian food can be tasted in Coimbatore. Apart from the tasty breakfast options like idli , sambar , dosa and upma there are some other dishes which are available only in this place. Here are they:

  • Arisi-Parupu Satham
  • Kollu-Rasam & Kollu-Chutney
  • Kongu-Style Chicken-fry
  • Kalkandu-Pongal
  • Pathaneer-Payasam

Shopping in Coimbatore:

  • Oppanakara Street
  • Poompuhar Handicrafts
  • Khadi Kraft
  • Ranga Gounder Street
  • R.S. Puram
  • D.B.Road
  • 100 Feet Road
  • Brookefields
  • Raja Street
  • Sukrawar Pettai

Transportation in Coimbatore

The infrastructure of transport in this place is well-developed. There are a lot of buses run by TNSTC. Apart from those buses , even private buses are also available to travel in Coimbatore. Other options include auto-rickshaws and call taxis.

When to visit Coimbatore?

The ideal time to travel to this beautiful place is between September and March. The weather could be a bit humid and hot in summer but is bearable.

How is the weather in Coimbatore?

During summers (March-June) , the noons are hot but evenings and nights are pleasant. The rainy season (July-September) is very pleasant in this place. The best season is winter (November-February) as the weather tends to be very pleasant during that time.

About Kolkata

When anyone thinks of Kolkata , the first things that come to mind are Howrah Bridge , Kali temple , Bengali sweets , trams and Victoria Memorial. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. It is the second largest city in this country. Kolkata is also the economic , commercial and financial hub of the eastern part of India. Today , this city is filled with flyovers , commercial establishments and gardens. Its climate is tropical wet and dry climate.

Information about Kolkata airport

Previously known as the Dum Dum Airport , Kolkata's airport is now known as Netaji-Subhas-Chandra-Bose International Airport. It is nearly 17 km away from the heart of the city. It's a very big airport (overall area is around 2460 acres). It is among the busiest international airports of India and operating international flights to familiar destinations around the world.

Transportation to reach Kolkata airport

There are Airport Volvo busses from various parts of the city. Tourists can catch them to reach the airport effortlessly. Cabs , taxis , busses and trams are among other modes of transport to help travellers move around.

Facilities in the airport

  • Wifi
  • Lounges
  • Left Luggage
  • Child care rooms
  • Luggage reclaim
  • Medical assistance

Why Paytm?

Anyone would want a win-win situation in any deal and Paytm could offer just that! A good deal on Kolkata to Coimbatore flight tickets! With the help of offers , one can enjoy a holiday trip by spending less. Imagine being in a beautiful place near water-falls and greenery and not worrying about money! That is what the deals can do.

How to get cheap Kolkata Coimbatore flights? Well , once the date of travel is finalised , check the prices or Kolkata Coimbatore fares. After that , simply check the latest domestic offers by Paytm. That gives a fair idea on how much you can spend or save.

Not just to Coimbatore , Paytm has offers on cheap domestic air tickets to many major destinations of the country. Thanks to offers , now people can travel with loved ones instead of travelling alone to save money!

In fact , Paytm also can also help with cheap international flight tickets. So , tourists who wish to travel abroad can also look at what kind of deals or offers can be availed.

If it is tough to believe , then call up the customer service and enquire about flight tickets offers.

Top Airlines from Kolkata to Coimbatore


Q. How many flights fly from Kolkata to Coimbatore on weekly basis?

Ans: There are about 119 flights fly from Kolkata to Coimbatore On weekly basis.

Q. When is the first flight from Kolkata to Coimbatore?

Ans: The first flight (might change) from Kolkata to Coimbatore is at 00:10:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. When is the last flight from Kolkata to Coimbatore?

Ans: The last flight from Kolkata to Coimbatore is at 23:20:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. What is the minimum time to fly from Kolkata to Coimbatore?

Ans: It takes 2h 20m to fly from Kolkata to Coimbatore.

Q. Which airline operates the most number of flights from Kolkata to Coimbatore?

Ans: With a total of 48 flights , Jet Airways currently operates the most number of flights from Kolkata to Coimbatore.

Q. How many direct (non stop) flights available in between Kolkata & Coimbatore?

Ans: There are 1 Direct (non stop) flights flying in between Kolkata & Coimbatore.

Q. How many connecting flights available in between Kolkata & Coimbatore?

Ans: There are 118 connecting flights flying in between Kolkata & Coimbatore.

Q. Kolkata Airport Address

Ans: Jessore Rd Dum Dum Kolkata West Bengal 700052

Q. Coimbatore Airport Address

Ans: Avinashi Road Coimbatore Tamil Nadu 641014

Q. Kolkata & Coimbatore Airport IATA Code

Ans: Kolkata IATA - CCU , Coimbatore IATA - CJB

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