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I5-1982 | 12h 5m
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AI-419 | 9h 45m
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Kochi to Hyderabad Flights

Booking a flight from Kochi to Hyderabad is hassle-free and simple , as there are multiple airlines flying between the two cities. You can book your Kochi to Hyderabad flight tickets online , on Paytm , to enjoy various perks and benefits including cashback and instant discount. Based on your preferred date and time of journey , you can choose a flight that is best suited to your needs , and also avail different offers provided by the airlines. Compare Kochi to Hyderabad flights prices to get cheapest flight tickets online at lowest airfares with attractive cashback. Keep visiting Paytm to know about exciting offers , deals & discounts on Kochi Hyderabad flight routes.

Flights Details between Kochi and Hyderabad Airport

The Cochin International Airport Kochi , IATA Code COK , is the main airport that serves the city of Kochi. About 85 flights operate in a week , between Kochi & Hyderabad. The first Kochi to Hyderabad flight , departs at 02:50 , and the last flight is at 15:40. It takes 1h 25m to reach Hyderabad from Kochi. The main airport that serves Hyderabad is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport , IATA Code HYD.

Kochi Hyderabad Flight Booking

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Planning for a trip to escape your hectic daily schedule for a few days? Come to visit the “City of Pearls , Hyderabad. From the world-famous Hyderabadi biryani to the 500-year old Charminar , Hyderabad is a city with a perfect blend of people , places , cuisine , culture and much more. The city is blessed with the most acclaimed tourist spots that are sure to keep the traveller in you entertained all through the day. Log in to Paytm with your email address to check the Kochi to Hyderabad flight schedule for cheap air tickets to Hyderabad.

Here’s Paytm , one of India leading travel portals with unbelievable offers on online flight ticket booking for your Hyderabad trip. You can now choose the best flight offers to book cheap flight tickets from Kochi to Hyderabad online. From the list of airlines , you can now choose your cheap Kochi to Hyderabad flights by comparing the Kochi Hyderabad fares online for the upcoming 90 days. Paytm also lets you check the Kochi to Hyderabad flight status and do online web check-in from the comfort of your homes. So , browse through the many Kochi to Hyderabad flight booking offers by Paytm and book your domestic flights to Hyderabad online today.

Starting off from Kochi?

Kochi or Cochin as it is commonly known is a major port city is part Ernakulam district in the state of Kerala. This bustling port city is the commercial and financial capital of the state and is known for the trading of spices. Kochi which the major city on the Malabar Coast of the Arabian Sea is surrounded by wonderful natural landscapes , churches , temples , museums and many more. Some of the most admired tourist destinations here in Kochi are Fort Kochi , Mattancherry Palace , Cherai Beach , Paradesi Synagogue , Folklore Museum , Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary etc.

How to reach Kochi?

Kochi is well connected to all major cities of the country by air , road and rail. Other countries in the Middle East and Singapore are connected to the city via international flights. One can reach the city by booking flights using the offers on flight booking available at Paytm. Ernakulam Junction (main) , Ernakulam Town and Cochin Harbour Terminus are the three major railway stations that connect Kochi with the other cities in India. The city has a well-developed and maintained road transport network that makes it easy for people travelling by road to reach the city safely. National Highways (NH) and many State Highways (SH) well connect this city in Kerala with the rest of India.

Do you know these facts about Kochi airport?

Kochi airport also known as Kochi International Airport (COK) is about 25 km north-east of the main city. A few added facilities offered at the airport are:

  • Duty-free shops owned by the airport to buy the finest spirits and beer , travel and fashion accessories , cosmetics and electronic items , etc.
  • Medical aid & Wheelchair assistance
  • Lounge services
  • Prepaid taxi facility
  • Hotel booking facility
  • ATMs , Post Office , Mobile Phone Booth
  • Food court and restaurant

What the things to explore at Hyderabad?

Charminar: One of the most reckoned structures in India , Charminar is a 500-year old monument that stands still as an iconic landmark in the city.

Golkonda Fort: Built in mud on a 400 ft hill , a walk through this fort will teach you about of the age-old history of the golden era.

Hussain Sagar Lake: One of the largest man-made lakes holding the monolithic statue of Lord Buddha is a famous attraction in the city that draws travellers in huge numbers.

Some of the other must-visit places in the town include Sri Jagannath Temple , Birla Mandir , Ramoji Film City , Qutub Shahi Tombs , Nalgonda , Mahabubnagar and Nehru Zoological Park.

Are you confused which offer to pick up?

Log in to Paytm and search for flights to Hyderabad. Once you have refined your search , you can find many domestic flight offers for Kochi to Hyderabad flights. We , at Paytm , have partnered with all the leading airlines to provide you with the best of our services. So , book Kochi Hyderabad flights online via Paytm for hassle-free travel ahead.

Want to taste some gourmet food on your Hyderabad trip?

This city cuisine would be a delight for the non-vegetarian lovers. Some of the favourites that you should sample while on your trip to Hyderabad are;

  • Mirchi ka Salan
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Keema Samosa
  • Maghaz Masala
  • Boti Kebab
  • Lukhmi

Vegetarians don’t miss to try the Khatti Dal , Malai Korma , Qabooli biryani , and the hyderabadi khichdi.

What are the transport facilities at Hyderabad?

There are many local transport options available at affordable cost for you to tour the city. From buses to trains , cars to motorcycles , all are available for both travellers and locals alike. APSRTC operates buses that take you to every nook and corner in the town. MMTS trains are the fastest and the cheapest mode of transportation mostly preferred by the locals. You can also find taxis/cabs so , from the many options choose the one that would make your travel comfortable.

What are the facilities at Hyderabad Airport?

Emergency- In case of emergency , passengers can contact at the enquiry of Hyderabad Airport (HYD) at 040 6654 6370 between the business hours.

Other facilities – Wheelchairs assistance , prayer room , free Wi-Fi , lounge and conference rooms , porter services and medical care etc.


Q. How many flights fly from Kochi to Hyderabad on weekly basis?

Ans: There are about 147 flights fly from Kochi to Hyderabad On weekly basis.

Q. When is the first flight from Kochi to Hyderabad?

Ans: The first flight (might change) from Kochi to Hyderabad is at 00:00:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. When is the last flight from Kochi to Hyderabad?

Ans: The last flight from Kochi to Hyderabad is at 21:45:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. What is the minimum time to fly from Kochi to Hyderabad?

Ans: It takes 1h 30m to fly from Kochi to Hyderabad.

Q. Which airline operates the most number of flights from Kochi to Hyderabad?

Ans: With a total of 62 flights , IndiGo currently operates the most number of flights from Kochi to Hyderabad.

Q. How many direct (non stop) flights available in between Kochi & Hyderabad?

Ans: There are 7 Direct (non stop) flights flying in between Kochi & Hyderabad.

Q. How many connecting flights available in between Kochi & Hyderabad?

Ans: There are 140 connecting flights flying in between Kochi & Hyderabad.

Q. Kochi Airport Address

Ans: Airport Rd Kochi Kerala 683111

Q. Hyderabad Airport Address

Ans: Begumpet Airport Begumpet Hyderabad - 500016 (AP)

Q. Kochi & Hyderabad Airport IATA Code

Ans: Kochi IATA - COK , Hyderabad IATA - HYD

Top Airlines from Kochi to Hyderabad

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