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Kochi to Chennai Flights

Booking a flight from Kochi to Chennai is hassle-free and simple , as there are multiple airlines flying between the two cities. You can book your Kochi to Chennai flight tickets online , on Paytm , to enjoy various perks and benefits including cashback and instant discount. Based on your preferred date and time of journey , you can choose a flight that is best suited to your needs , and also avail different offers provided by the airlines. Compare Kochi to Chennai flights prices to get cheapest flight tickets online at lowest airfares with attractive cashback. Keep visiting Paytm to know about exciting offers , deals & discounts on Kochi Chennai flight routes.

Flights Details between Kochi and Chennai Airport

The Cochin International Airport Kochi , IATA Code COK , is the main airport that serves the city of Kochi. About 69 flights operate in a week , between Kochi & Chennai. The first Kochi to Chennai flight , departs at 02:15 , and the last flight is at 16:10. It takes 1h 10m to reach Chennai from Kochi. The main airport that serves Chennai is Chennai International Airport , IATA Code MAA.

Kochi Chennai Flight Booking

An evening spent in the Marina beach can be so refreshing to any tourist who visits Chennai for the first time. Apart from the beaches , Chennai also has many temples , churches and other sight-seeing spots to attract visitors from other cities.

Kochi is just 560 km away from Chennai and air travel can make it look quite near as it just takes around an hour to reach there. Also , there are a number of flights to Chennai from Kochi. Irrespective of the time of the year , tourists can search for cheap flight tickets from Kochi to Chennai. Sometimes , Paytm’s offers can help reduce the costs for the travellers.

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What’s great about Chennai?

Chennai is said to be 369 years old. This capital city of Tamil Nadu is located on the coastal area (Coromandel coast) of South India. It is among the fastest-growing cities of the world. This city has a mix of both modern and Orthodox cultures. People here love filter coffee. This place has so many temples. Bharatanatyam is a famous classical dance form here. There are many tourist spots like the marina beach and some historical temples like Kapaleeswarar Temple in this city. Read on to know more about this awesome South Indian city.

Places to visit in Chennai

Marina Beach: The first thing that comes to mind when anyone is visiting Chennai is Marina beach. This beach is along the coastal line of Bay of Bengal. This beach is said to be India's longest natural-beach in an urban area. It measures nearly 13kms! Tourists who walk along this beach can find installed statues of great people like MGR and spending time on this beach would be a great experience.

Santhome-Cathedral-Basilica: This cathedral was built in the fourteenth century. It is a historical monument and has its own place in the list of tourism attractions of this city.

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Other places to visit in this city:

  • Dakshinachitra Museum
  • Prakasam Salai
  • Connemara Public-Library
  • Vivekananda House
  • Elliot's beach
  • Ashtalakshmi temple
  • Akkarai Beach
  • Valluvar Kottam
  • Arignar-Anna Zoological-Park
  • Koli Hills
  • MGR Film city
  • Marundeeswarar Temple

Love to see all those spots? Well , check Kochi to Chennai flight schedule now at Paytm and also look for offers on domestic flights.

Foods to enjoy in Chennai:

South Indian foods taste good in this city compared to other places in India. The popular foods anyone going to this place must try are: Idli-Sambar , Pongal , Dosa , Vada , Boli , Poori , Murukku , Atho , Jigarthanda , Parotta , Idiyappam , Muttai Dosai and Kulfi.

Where to shop in Chennai?

  • T Nagar
  • Pondy Bazaar
  • Ritchie Street
  • Spencer Plaza
  • Sowcarpet
  • Parry’s Corner
  • Nungambakkam
  • Mylapore Luz Corner

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When is the right time to visit Chennai?

The best time to visit this place is between November to February. Weather during these months would be favourable for sight-seeing activities.

How is the weather in Chennai?

Summer starts in March and ends in June. It would be tough to bear this season as the weather would be both humid and hot. The monsoon starts in July and ends in September. Sometimes , rains tend to be heavy and they accompany winds. Winter starts in November and ends in February. That is the best time to visit the city.

Chennai Airport

Chennai International Airport is said to be the 4th busiest airport. Situated in Meenambakkam , it is around 20-21km from the main city. When it comes to the size , it is the 3rd largest in India. The domestic and international terminals are next to each other here. It serves both domestic and international flights.

Facilities at the Chennai airport

There are food courts , retiring rooms , Wi-Fi , duty-free shops , ATMs , child-care rooms , currency exchange , luggage locker , wheel-chair facility , a spa and a pharmacy too.

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Online web checkIn

Now , many airlines are offering the online web check-in facility to help passengers choose their seat numbers and get the boarding passes from the comfort of their homes.

Starting from Kochi?

Another name of this city is Cochin. It belongs to the Ernakulam district which is in Kerala. In the South West coastal area , this city is said to be a major port. In fact , this place was also famous for spice trade since centuries. That is why it is also considered as the industrial , commercial and financial capital in the state of Kerala.

About Kochi airport

The name of this airport is Cochin International Airport. Situated in an area known as Nedumbassery which is nearly 25 kms towards the northeast direction of the city , this airport is said to be the largest in Kerala. It is also the busiest airport of this state. The overall area of this airport is around 2 million square feet! Tourists can catch Kochi to Chennai flights from the domestic terminal.

How to reach Kochi airport

Reaching the Kochi Airport could take time if anyone is starting from the centre of the city. Buses connect the airport to many parts of the city. They are run and maintained by KSRTC. Even taxis and auto rickshaws are available.

Facilities in Kochi airport

There are so many facilities in this airport. They include child-care room , postal-facility , first-aid , Wi-fi , left-luggage facility , conference halls , duty-free shops , coffee shops , restaurants , Lounge , guestrooms , gift shops and money exchange services.


Q. How many flights fly from Kochi to Chennai on weekly basis?

Ans: There are about 99 flights fly from Kochi to Chennai On weekly basis.

Q. When is the first flight from Kochi to Chennai?

Ans: The first flight (might change) from Kochi to Chennai is at 00:00:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. When is the last flight from Kochi to Chennai?

Ans: The last flight from Kochi to Chennai is at 23:35:00 and is operated by Jet Airways.

Q. What is the minimum time to fly from Kochi to Chennai?

Ans: It takes 1h 10m to fly from Kochi to Chennai.

Q. Which airline operates the most number of flights from Kochi to Chennai?

Ans: With a total of 33 flights , IndiGo currently operates the most number of flights from Kochi to Chennai.

Q. How many direct (non stop) flights available in between Kochi & Chennai?

Ans: There are 14 Direct (non stop) flights flying in between Kochi & Chennai.

Q. How many connecting flights available in between Kochi & Chennai?

Ans: There are 85 connecting flights flying in between Kochi & Chennai.

Q. Kochi Airport Address

Ans: Airport Rd Kochi Kerala 683111

Q. Chennai Airport Address

Ans: GST Rd Meenambakkam Chennai Tamil Nadu 600027

Q. Kochi & Chennai Airport IATA Code

Ans: Kochi IATA - COK , Chennai IATA - MAA

Top Airlines from Kochi to Chennai

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