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Hyderabad to Jabalpur Flights

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Flights Details between Hyderabad and Jabalpur Airport

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad , IATA Code HYD , is the main airport that serves the city of Hyderabad. About 45 flights operate in a week , between Hyderabad & Jabalpur. The first Hyderabad to Jabalpur flight , departs at 01:30 , and the last flight is at 07:50. It takes 1h 30m to reach Jabalpur from Hyderabad. The main airport that serves Jabalpur is Jabalpur Airport , IATA Code JLR.

Hyderabad Jabalpur Flight Booking

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Some places are different from others. They are lively , vibrant , cheerful and rich in culture. Jabalpur is one such place which has a lot to offer to any average curious tourist who wants to enjoy life travelling. Temples , museums , waterfalls , forts and tasty food- this city has a lot in store for those who wish to relish beautiful experiences. Sounds great , right? Book Hyderabad to Jabalpur flights online through Paytm.

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The beauty of Jabalpur

Jabalpur is situated in Madhya Pradesh. It is an ancient city located on the banks of Narmada river. It was ruled by Gond Kings (in 12th century). Today , this place has turned into an important business , industrial and administrative centre for the state of Madhya Pradesh. As far as population is concerned , it stands 27 in the list of populous cities. This industrial city also has small scale and cottage industries too. This place is also a good educational center. The climate of this city is humid subtropical climate.

This city is connected to various important cities like Nagpur , Varanasi , Allahabad , Raipur , Jaipur , Bangalore and Hyderabad through road. There are some ancient temples as well as forts in this place which should not be missed by tourists. Here are some tourism attractions of this place.

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Marble rocks: Tourists must see the marble rock formations in the area known as Bhedaghat. This place is located on the shores of Narmada river. The beautiful marble rocks have made this place a tourism attraction.

Dhuandhar falls: Anybody who is interested in waterfalls should visit this place. The height of these waterfalls is 10m. The water flows from Narmada river. Anyone who goes near the waterfalls can actually hear the roaring sound of water falling from a height!

Bhedaghat boating: Those who enjoy boat rides should go for a ride from Panchavati Ghat to a place known as Bhedaghat. The distance is around 22 km and the ride would be enjoyable!

Madan Mahal fort: Any ancient fort has its own aura surrounding it. This fort which is situated on a hill was actually built by a Gond king named Raja Madan Shah. From this place , one should catch the panoramic view of the city.

Lord Shiva statue: This statue is said to be among the tallest Shiva’s statues (76 m). This beautiful statue is also among the famous tourist spots of the city.

Chausat Yogini Temple: This temple is among the famous temples of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated between Dhuandhar falls and Bhedaghat. It is said to be built in the 10th century.

Rani Durgavati museum: Situated in an area known as Russel Chowk , this famous Museum is said to have pictures of Mahatma Gandhi. This Museum is also said to contain Adivasi artifacts.

Sangram Sagar Lake: This Lake is 15 km away from the city center. Tourists can sit and watch the birds around.

Other tourism attractions: Kanha national park , Katangi falls , Bhaisa ghat , Jyoteshwar temple , Bargi dam , Dumna Park , Gwarighat and balancing rocks.

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Culture and Heritage of Jabalpur

Festivals in this place are celebrated with grandeur in every corner. Almost everyone participates in the celebrations with great enthusiasm. Here are some festivals of this place.

Main Festivals of this city: Holi , Dussera and Diwali are among the most widely celebrated festivals of this city.

Other festivals: Durga puja , Bhai Dhuj and Makar Sankranthi are among the other festivals celebrated in this city.

Activities of the festivals: Praying , worshipping , dancing (folk dance) and singing (folk and devotional songs) are the major activities of the celebrations. People gather in common places and spend time together enjoying the cultural activities.

Preparations before festivals: People go out for shopping to buy new clothes and then prepare various sweets and special dishes a few days in advance in order to distribute them to each other during the festivals.

Another major event during the festivals in this city is ‘fair’ (mela). People here still value old customs and traditions and that is why the fairs are filled with crowds wearing vibrant clothes and cheerful faces.

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Traditional outfit of the people

Women wear salwar kameez and saris. They prefer colourful designs and beautiful patterns on their saris. They also prefer Churidars. Men prefer dhothi , safa and Mirzai/Bandi. Some men also prefer trousers and shirts.

Languages Spoken in Jabalpur

There are several languages which are spoken in this area. Bagheli , Bharia and Hindi are some of them.

Folk dance form of Jabalpur

Several dance forms are part of this culture. Gond dance , Phulpati , Giridaand and matki are among the famous dance forms of this place.

Art and crafts of Jabalpur

One of the famous crafts of this city is ‘durry’ designing. They have a unique and a vibrant way of designing. They design beautiful carpets which are very famous. Tourists crave to buy them from this place.

Taste the local cuisine!

The cuisine in this place shares similarities with Gujarati , Rajasthani and Mughalai cuisines. Here are some of the special dishes of this place.

Khopra Pak , Khoye ki Jalebi , Pilaf , Chicken Samosa , Rabdi , Malpua , Sabudana Khichidi , Seekh Kebab , Gatpat , Moong Dal Bhajiya and Fulki Chaat

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Transportation in Jabalpur

Taxis are available for hire for tourists who wish to go to the tourism attractions like Bheraghat. To cover small distances , rickshaws are available. To go to certain other places like Bheda Ghat , there are buses run by the government.

Planning to take off from Hyderabad?

Tourists from Hyderabad can cut the travel time by catching flights between Hyderabad and Jabalpur. Flights are a lot better when covering long distances , so travellers can look for domestic flights at Paytm. As far as the expenses are concerned , one can control them by travelling in cheap Hyderabad to Jabalpur flights. That is surely an affordable option for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of this city in a budget.

Spending time in this city when everyone celebrates a festival would be the best thing to do. That gives a chance to spend more cheerful moments. Tourists who wish to travel during normal days can also enjoy all the countless tourism attractions of this city. So , go ahead with Hyderabad Jabalpur flight bookings on Paytm and try for low-cost flight tickets. Jabalpur will give a warm welcome!


Q. How many flights fly from Hyderabad to Jabalpur on weekly basis?

Ans: There are about 44 flights fly from Hyderabad to Jabalpur On weekly basis.

Q. When is the first flight from Hyderabad to Jabalpur?

Ans: The first flight (might change) from Hyderabad to Jabalpur is at 00:05:00 and is operated by Air India.

Q. When is the last flight from Hyderabad to Jabalpur?

Ans: The last flight from Hyderabad to Jabalpur is at 22:00:00 and is operated by Air India.

Q. What is the minimum time to fly from Hyderabad to Jabalpur?

Ans: It takes 1h 40m to fly from Hyderabad to Jabalpur.

Q. Which airline operates the most number of flights from Hyderabad to Jabalpur?

Ans: With a total of 43 flights , Air India currently operates the most number of flights from Hyderabad to Jabalpur.

Q. How many direct (non stop) flights available in between Hyderabad & Jabalpur?

Ans: There are 1 Direct (non stop) flights flying in between Hyderabad & Jabalpur.

Q. How many connecting flights available in between Hyderabad & Jabalpur?

Ans: There are 43 connecting flights flying in between Hyderabad & Jabalpur.

Q. Hyderabad Airport Address

Ans: Begumpet Airport Begumpet Hyderabad - 500016 (AP)

Q. Jabalpur Airport Address

Ans: Dumna Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh 482005

Q. Hyderabad & Jabalpur Airport IATA Code

Ans: Hyderabad IATA - HYD , Jabalpur IATA - JLR

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