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Bhubaneshwar to Pune Flights

Booking a flight from Bhubaneshwar to Pune is hassle-free and simple , as there are multiple airlines flying between the two cities. You can book your Bhubaneshwar to Pune flight tickets online , on Paytm , to enjoy various perks and benefits including cashback and instant discount. Based on your preferred date and time of journey , you can choose a flight that is best suited to your needs , and also avail different offers provided by the airlines. Compare Bhubaneshwar to Pune flights prices to get cheapest flight tickets online at lowest airfares with attractive cashback. Keep visiting Paytm to know about exciting offers , deals & discounts on Bhubaneshwar Pune flight routes.

Flights Details between Bhubaneshwar and Pune Airport

The Biju Patnaik Airport Bhubaneshwar , IATA Code BBI , is the main airport that serves the city of Bhubaneshwar. About 50 flights operate in a week , between Bhubaneshwar & Pune. The first Bhubaneshwar to Pune flight , departs at 04:35 , and the last flight is at 15:50. It takes 5h 40m to reach Pune from Bhubaneshwar. The main airport that serves Pune is Pune Airport , IATA Code PNQ.

Bhubaneshwar Pune Flight Booking

Do you want to escape from the hustle-bustle of your daily life? Pune , in Western Maharashtra is the ideal location for you. Pune is known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It has become a major tourist hub in recent years.

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About Pune

Pune or Poona is located in the west-central region of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the 8th largest metropolis in India and the second largest city in Maharashtra. It is a vibrant city known for its dynamic economic and industrial growth over the past few years. Pune has a glorious past associated with the Marathas , as it was the house and power centre of the Maratha Empire. Pune is popularly known as the 'Oxford of the East" because of the number of educational institutes and universities present in the city. Pune is an ideal destination to spend a quiet and pleasant holiday.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Pune

Shaniwar Wada: This fort is located in the middle of the city and was built in 1732 AD by the Peshwa rulers. It showcases the craftsmanship of the Maratha craftsman.

Aga Khan Palace: This historical palace is one of the greatest landmarks in Maharashtra. It was built in 1892 AD by Sultan Mohammed Shah Aga Khan III , to help the people of Pune who were hit by famine.

Some other tourist attractions in the city are listed below:

  • Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapathi Temple
  • Chaturshringi Temple
  • Sinhagad Fort
  • Sarasbaug Ganapathi Temple
  • Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park
  • Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum
  • Parvati Hill

Dining Choices in Pune

When you come to Pune , you get to enjoy the traditional Maharashtrian cuisine which consists of Vada-Pav , Missal-Pav , Pav-Bhaji , Poha , Upma and Sabudana Khichdi. Apart from this , you will find restaurants serving multi-cuisine dishes as well.

Shopping Destinations in Pune

  • Fashion Street
  • Destination Center
  • Fergusson College Road
  • Hong Kong Lane
  • Bajorao Road
  • Phule Market
  • Mahatma Gandhi Road
  • Laxmi Road

Transportation in Pune

The city has a well-maintained local bus transport system which is one of the cheap ways to travel around the city. If you are willing to spend a little more and want to travel in comfort , then you have the option to take a taxi or cab. For further comfort and privacy , you can even rent a chauffeur-driven or self-driven car.

Best time to visit Pune

October to March is the ideal time to visit the Deccan Queen-Pune.

Weather of Pune

The city experiences three seasons- summer , monsoon and winter , with the average temperature ranging between 200 to 280C. May is the warmest month in Pune with the maximum temperature reaching to 420 C. During the hottest months also , the nights are usually cool in Pune. Winters are moderately cold here. The highest approximate rainfall recorded during monsoon is 722 mm.

About Pune Airport

Pune Airport (PNQ) also known as Pune International Airport , it is situated in the north-east part of Pune at around 10 km from the main city. The airport serves both domestic and international flights to and from Pune.

About Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar literally means the "Land of God" , (Bhuban - earth or land and Eswar - God) , it is the capital city of the Indian state of Orissa or Odisha. It is the largest city in Orissa located on the South-Western Bank of the Mahanadi River. The city is popularly known as the "Temple City of India" due to a large number of Hindu , Jain and Buddhist religious temples present here , including the Lingaraj Temple , Temples of Khandagiri & Udayagiri , etc.

Transportation in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar has a well-developed transportation system. You can explore the city on a local bus , or you can go for the auto-rickshaws and taxis to sightsee the various places in the city. You can also rent a self-driven car to travel around the city.

About Bhubaneswar Airport

Bhubaneswar Airport is known as the Biju Patnaik International Airport (BBI). The airport is located just 3 km from Bhubaneswar city centre. It has two terminals out of which Terminal 1 is dedicated for domestic flights and the Terminal 2 for international flights. The Airport is spread over an area of 836 acres and is ranked as the 15th busiest airport in India.


Q. How many flights fly from Bhubaneshwar to Pune on weekly basis?

Ans: There are about 73 flights fly from Bhubaneshwar to Pune On weekly basis.

Q. When is the first flight from Bhubaneshwar to Pune?

Ans: The first flight (might change) from Bhubaneshwar to Pune is at 01:10:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. When is the last flight from Bhubaneshwar to Pune?

Ans: The last flight from Bhubaneshwar to Pune is at 23:55:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. What is the minimum time to fly from Bhubaneshwar to Pune?

Ans: It takes 4h 0m to fly from Bhubaneshwar to Pune.

Q. Which airline operates the most number of flights from Bhubaneshwar to Pune?

Ans: With a total of 32 flights , Air India currently operates the most number of flights from Bhubaneshwar to Pune.

Q. How many direct (non stop) flights available in between Bhubaneshwar & Pune?

Ans: There are 0 Direct (non stop) flights flying in between Bhubaneshwar & Pune.

Q. How many connecting flights available in between Bhubaneshwar & Pune?

Ans: There are 73 connecting flights flying in between Bhubaneshwar & Pune.

Q. Bhubaneshwar Airport Address

Ans: Airport Road Bhubaneswar Odisha 751020

Q. Pune Airport Address

Ans: New Airport Rd Pune International Airport Area Lohgaon Pune Maharashtra 411032

Q. Bhubaneshwar & Pune Airport IATA Code

Ans: Bhubaneshwar IATA - BBI , Pune IATA - PNQ

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