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QP-1384 | 2h 5m
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I5-338 | 7h 20m
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I5-338 | 16h
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20:10 - 00:30
6E-145 | 4h 20m
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6E-631 | 4h 20m
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6E-6793 | 5h 5m
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6E-5054 | 6h
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6E-6101 | 6h 50m
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6E-2304 | 7h 10m
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6E-6912 | 7h 15m
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6E-416 | 7h 20m
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6E-2304 | 8h 35m
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6E-6793 | 8h 35m
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6E-6101 | 8h 35m
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08:10 - 16:55
6E-416 | 8h 45m
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17:25 - 02:15
6E-5054 | 8h 50m
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18:50 - 20:45
I5-2991 | 1h 55m
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17:55 - 20:05
I5-1563 | 2h 10m
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22:20 - 00:30
6E-611 | 2h 10m
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13:25 - 21:30
6E-6913 | 8h 5m
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14:20 - 16:25
6E-6536 | 2h 5m
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18:35 - 00:45
6E-7584 | 6h 10m
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6E-393 | 2h
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6E-6485 | 8h 15m
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I5-1565 | 2h
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I5-319 | 6h 45m
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I5-1562 | 7h
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I5-319 | 11h
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21:55 - 10:45
I5-754 | 12h 50m
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14:10 - 03:15
I5-319 | 13h 5m
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19:35 - 10:35
I5-320 | 15h
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18:40 - 10:45
I5-786 | 16h 5m
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17:50 - 23:35
6E-6912 | 5h 45m
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15:10 - 22:20
I5-338 | 7h 10m
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15:10 - 03:35
I5-338 | 12h 25m
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17:50 - 22:05
6E-6912 | 4h 15m
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15:10 - 22:20
AI-9543 | 7h 10m
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15:10 - 22:55
AI-9543 | 7h 45m
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15:10 - 05:45
AI-9543 | 14h 35m
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15:10 - 14:30
AI-9543 | 23h 20m
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6E-6101 | 4h 50m
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08:15 - 19:30
I5-712 | 11h 15m
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08:15 - 23:30
I5-712 | 15h 15m
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15:10 - 08:30
AI-9543 | 17h 20m
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14:40 - 14:30
AI-9731 | 23h 50m
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14:40 - 22:20
AI-9731 | 31h 40m
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14:40 - 22:55
AI-9731 | 32h 15m
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UK-546 | 10h 45m
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UK-546 | 11h 50m
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UK-546 | 20h 45m
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UK-546 | 22h 15m
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21:00 - 20:55
UK-546 | 23h 55m
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21:00 - 10:50
UK-546 | 13h 50m
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21:00 - 01:40
UK-546 | 28h 40m
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18:40 - 03:05
I5-786 | 8h 25m
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13:15 - 23:20
UK-788 | 10h 5m
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UK-782 | 12h 15m
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UK-788 | 9h 25m
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UK-786 | 13h
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09:40 - 18:50
UK-786 | 9h 10m
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UK-788 | 7h 5m
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09:40 - 16:55
UK-786 | 7h 15m
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09:40 - 20:20
UK-786 | 10h 40m
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17:35 - 01:10
6E-7972 | 7h 35m
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13:15 - 01:40
UK-788 | 12h 25m
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20:30 - 07:45
UK-782 | 11h 15m
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20:30 - 08:50
UK-782 | 12h 20m
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21:00 - 09:55
UK-546 | 12h 55m
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09:40 - 21:55
UK-786 | 12h 15m
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09:40 - 19:15
UK-786 | 9h 35m
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09:40 - 20:55
UK-786 | 11h 15m
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14:40 - 23:10
AI-9731 | 8h 30m
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14:40 - 13:50
AI-9731 | 23h 10m
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19:35 - 23:10
AI-9733 | 27h 35m
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Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru Flights

Booking a flight from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru is hassle-free and simple , as there are multiple airlines flying between the two cities. You can book your Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru flight tickets online , on Paytm , to enjoy various perks and benefits including cashback and instant discount. Based on your preferred date and time of journey , you can choose a flight that is best suited to your needs , and also avail different offers provided by the airlines. Compare Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru flights prices to get cheapest flight tickets online at lowest airfares with attractive cashback. Keep visiting Paytm to know about exciting offers , deals & discounts on Bhubaneshwar Bengaluru flight routes.

Flights Details between Bhubaneshwar and Bengaluru Airport

The Biju Patnaik Airport Bhubaneshwar , IATA Code BBI , is the main airport that serves the city of Bhubaneshwar. About 106 flights operate in a week , between Bhubaneshwar & Bengaluru. The first Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru flight , departs at 06:45 , and the last flight is at 15:55. It takes 2h 0m to reach Bengaluru from Bhubaneshwar. The main airport that serves Bengaluru is Kempegowda International Airport , IATA Code BLR.

Bhubaneshwar Bengaluru Flight Booking

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Experience an absolute change of culture and lifestyle in Bengaluru , full of multiple places to see and roam around. Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru flights is easy to book on Paytm. For the trip buy Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru flight tickets and get flight offers in India. Bid bye to your worries and get a seamless experience with flight ticket booking at Paytm. When you book Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru flights online you are advised to see Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru flight booking offers that are live on the portal.

Travelling to Bengaluru– The IT Capital

If you want a change of air and a totally different experience , then fly from Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru. With cheap Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru flights along with many deals on Paytm , enjoy a memorable trip.

A prominent city since bygone days with a long list of historical incidents attached to it till date , Bengaluru , capital to Karnataka , is now the most known place for IT companies. No wonder the city is India’s “Silicon Valley”. With a huge population and many places of interest , Bengaluru is one coveted destination. Shopping malls , active nightlife , pleasant weather , nearby tourist destinations , Bangalore Palace all contribute to this city’s grandeur.

Exploring Bengaluru

Taking Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru cheap flights will save you time and money. Here are a few tips to help you go around the city:

Things to do

Eat from the best restaurants: Bengaluru is full of delicious Kannada cuisine like coin paratha , Mysore Pak , dosa , rice pancakes , etc on the spread. Check out these restaurants for most delicious food , Fatty Bao , Toscano , Karavalli , The Permit Room , etc.

Souvenir buying spree: Markets here are an absolute delight for shoppers and if you want to go shopping then check out Indo-Dubai Plaza , Phoenix Mall , Majestic market and National Market , Commercial Street etc. Buy silk sarees , various decors , accessories , etc.

Take a Wildlife Tour: Pay a visit to Bannerghatta National Park and spot tigers , deer and scores of other wildlife roaming around freely in their natural wilderness. Take a safari tour or go around the jungle trail with proper precaution and permission. Experience nature at its best.

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Places to visit

Bangalore Palace: Standing upright at the heart of the city , this palace is a wonder in itself with marvelous architecture and its majestic appeal. You can avail a mode of transport or just take a walk around the city and reach it.

Lal Bagh: Lal Bagh is a botanical garden hosting various flower shows , flora and a number of cultural events. The garden was completed by Tipu Sultan and is home to an infamous glass house belonging to 1889.

Suryanarayana Temple: The temple is dedicated to Sun God and is visited by lots of devotees and pilgrims around the year. With its beautiful interiors and architecture , the temple is a must see in Bengaluru. Also get to visit the fairs and events held in the temple.

Flights from Bhubaneswar Airport to Bengaluru Airport will take you off in no time at all. Experience the blue sky and keep unforgettable memories forever. Our special offer on cheap flight tickets from Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru makes this a reality.

The climate in Bengaluru

The city has three seasons like summer , monsoon , and winter.

  • Winter: The most suitable time to go there is winter from November to February with a temperature between 18° C and 15.8° C. Enjoy a visit anytime in between.
  • Summer: Summers are hot. And in the months of March to July sometimes you get a heat wave although most of the time it has a pleasant and moderate climate. Temperature ranges from 28°C to 34°C.
  • Monsoon: August to October is the monsoon months so if you plan a visit during this time , check the Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru flight schedule at Paytm first before booking your flight tickets.
  • Highest temperature: Bengaluru recorded the highest temperature of 39.2°C in April.
  • Lowest temperature: 7.8°C is the minimum temperature recorded in January.
Plan your trip from Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar , Capital to Odisha , is a sacred place with scores of ancient temples to its pride. It is also advancing fast in employment and education. Urbanization has spread deep into the city making it a hub for both tourists and others. Transport facilities are also laid out nicely connecting the city to various places. The city is welcoming and warm and has a beautiful culture infused with old traditions.

Bhubaneswar Airport

Biju Patnaik International Airport serves domestic flights and international flights and caters to almost 4 million flyers in a year. The Bhubaneswar airport is well connected by all transports. Almost all known airlines serve flights between Bhubaneswar to Bengaluru.

You can only process online web check-in if your airline offers it. So check and book your tickets with us to get offers on flight booking.


Q. How many flights fly from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru on weekly basis?

Ans: There are about 154 flights fly from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru On weekly basis.

Q. When is the first flight from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru?

Ans: The first flight (might change) from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru is at 01:10:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. When is the last flight from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru?

Ans: The last flight from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru is at 23:55:00 and is operated by IndiGo.

Q. What is the minimum time to fly from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru?

Ans: It takes 1h 50m to fly from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru.

Q. Which airline operates the most number of flights from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru?

Ans: With a total of 71 flights , Air India currently operates the most number of flights from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru.

Q. How many direct (non stop) flights available in between Bhubaneshwar & Bengaluru?

Ans: There are 8 Direct (non stop) flights flying in between Bhubaneshwar & Bengaluru.

Q. How many connecting flights available in between Bhubaneshwar & Bengaluru?

Ans: There are 146 connecting flights flying in between Bhubaneshwar & Bengaluru.

Q. Bhubaneshwar Airport Address

Ans: Airport Road Bhubaneswar Odisha 751020

Q. Bengaluru Airport Address

Ans: KIAL Rd Devanahalli Bengaluru Karnataka 560300

Q. Bhubaneshwar & Bengaluru Airport IATA Code

Ans: Bhubaneshwar IATA - BBI , Bengaluru IATA - BLR

Top Airlines from Bhubaneshwar to Bengaluru

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